Living With Marble

Our 100% Natural stones are quarried locally and manufactured at our facility on Vancouver Island.

Unique by Nature

We as human beings have had an affinity for natural stone for centuries, as evidenced in homes throughout the world. The history shows us the permanence, natural beauty, durability, and sustainability as a material makes marble second to none.

Having natural stone in your dwelling is a priceless investment, as it will last forever. You will have the confidence and the satisfaction of picking what you love, knowing you will never have to replace it. There is an undeniable, positive, and primal response when using natural elements in your home. Natural stone restarts our connection to nature and contributes to our well being by supporting a healthy home.

Natural stone has the one of kind originality, like a piece of art, no two pieces are alike. The look and feel of stone can evoke a strong connection, expressing one's personality and living experience. If you want to personalize your project and create something special, natural stone is essential.

Natural Stone Features

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    Unique Variations

    Nature made, no piece of marble is the same as it has its own distinct character. Personalize your project by picking something original.

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    100% Natural Marble

    Our marble is 100% natural, a LEED qualifier, and is an eco and sustainable product. Vancouver Island Marbles have no maintenance, or toxic resins, and does not fade or burn.

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    Timeless Elegance

    Used for centuries, marble outlasts fashion trends because it is a classic. Our Vancouver Island Marbles are truly special, varying in colours, and patterns, bringing a stunning design finish to any project.

Learn how VIMQ is a LEED Qualifier.
Natural Stone FAQ

Vancouver Island Made

Unique by nature, natural stones that withstand the test of time. Come and visit our showroom and select your Vancouver Island Marble from our vast stone gallery.