Marble Pavers Trio

Vancouver Island Quarried

Our beautiful, locally quarried Vancouver Island Marbles are truly special. Varying in colours and patterns, both bold and subtle that bring a stunning design finish to any project.

In our Island factory blocks of marbles are cut, shaped, and finished to your preference, depending on the application. Our marble is 100% natural, a LEED qualifier, and is an eco and sustainable product. Vancouver Island Marbles have no toxic resins, they do not fade or burn and they require no maintenance.

We have 4 colours and variations to choose from, Vancouver Island White Marble, Tlupana Blue-Grey Marble, Tlupana Blue Wave Marble, and Black Carmanah Marble.

West Coast Style

Each level in our quarries introduces individual characteristics within each of the 4 colours, from black to soft whites, light greys, and unique wave mixes. Together they have a harmonious esthetic with incredible versatility, and on their own, classically beautiful, complementing any design project.

Stone Individuality

Our Vancouver Island Marbles are sustainably quarried and transported in large blocks to our manufacturing facility in Duncan, BC. From here they are cut and finished to virtually any specification needed. Our natural stones can be used for commercial, residential, and artisan applications from flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, bathrooms, and custom sinks.

Visually Stunning Finishes

Our state-of-art production facility can produce a variety of finishes for our marble. Our slab polishing line can produce customized special finishes. This natural stone can be Antiqued, Sandblasted, Bush Hammered, Corduroyed, Blade Scraped (VIMQ White only), Polished or Honed to a velvety finish.

Truly Customizable

There are infinite possibilities with our specialized factory and quarry equipment including CNC Machines, Tile Line, Gang Saws, and full quarry access for custom block requirements, making any request a possibility.

Our Marble Variations

Black Carmanah Marble

From the Gordon River Quarry, this beautiful black marble can vary between mostly black to an abundance of white veining for dramatic effect. A stunning complement to the other Vancouver Island Marbles.

Vancouver Island White Marble Slab
Vancouver Island White Marble

This outstanding white marble, depending on where in the Tahsis quarry it is cut, can vary from a soft quiet white to light-grey tones with more pronounced veining similar to the classic Carrara White Marble.

VIMQ - Tlupana Blue Grey Slab
Tlupana Blue Grey Marble

Also from the Tahsis quarry, this marble is typical of the grey material in the quarry, it varies from very light grey to dark grey with white markings. This material is strong and favoured for exterior and interior use. As well, the colour is useful bridging the tonal gap between the white and black marble.

VIMQ - West Coast Wave Slab
Tlupana Blue Wave Marble

This unique marble is quarried from a special area of our Tahsis quarry, where white and blue flow together creating a wave like appearance and combination of both colours. This material is frequently used for kitchen islands, accent walls and fireplaces.


Vancouver Island Made

Unique by nature, natural stones that withstand the test of time. Come and visit our showroom and select your Vancouver Island Marble from our vast stone gallery.