Cowichan Terrazzo Totem

100% Natural and Sustainable

Our cementitious traditionally made Cowichan Terrazzo and Tiles are unique and truly one of a kind.

Fabricated at our manufacturing plant in Duncan, BC, and made from recycling marble chips from our two quarries on Vancouver Island and local cement. This product is a LEED qualifier, classified as an eco and sustainable product. This product is low maintenance, does not fade or burn, and contains no toxic resins. Cowichan Terrazzo is made by hand in our factory using organic materials made by nature that feature variation in colour, shade, and aggregate size. These are inherent chracteristics of traditionally made Terrazzo.

Created and designed by using 8 different stone combinations and exclusively using aggregates from Vancouver Island. Standard sizing 3/4' thick and available in various sizess, 39`` x 39``, 39`` x 19.5``, 19.5`` x 19.5`` at $35.00 sq. ft. Custom Terrazzo slabs are 1 1/4`` x 4' x 8', please contact or call us for custom sizing and pricing.

Unusual Beauty

The colouring from each stone creates exciting visuals for a contemporary design alternative or compliment with other stones and design elements for your project. Available in 8 different colour variations: Raven, Totem, Storm, Shell, Salish, Oyster, Orca, and Nootka.

One of a kind tiles

Our Cowichan Terrazzo Tile is fabricated at our manufacturing facility in Duncan, BC. This natural stone tile can be used for commercial, residential, and artisan applications from flooring, wall cladding, countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops.

Visually Stunning Finishes

Our state-of-art production facility can produce a variety of finishes and custom finishes to our Cowichan Terrazzo Tiles. The fabricated natural tile can be polished or honed to a velvety finish.

Standard & Custom

Our standard tile sizing 39`` x 39``, and 39`` x 19.5``, and 19.5`` x 19.5`` at $35.00 sq. ft. Our custom Terrazzo slabs are 1 1/4`` x 4' x 8', please contact us for custom sizing and pricing.

Durability and Affordability

$35.00 per sq ft. Additional $5.00 per sq. ft. for cutting custom-size tiles. Additional charges apply for custom slab and cast work. Factory production time 8 weeks and minimum order 150 sq. ft.

Recommended installation system

Ditra uncoupling membrane with non-poly - modified thin-set and cement-based grout (unsanded). Large-format tiles - Mapai Eco Prime Grip primer on the back of tile with Tuscan type levelling system (MLT System).

Some Terrazzo and thin-set applications may need additional drying times before Terrazzo colour restores to the original colour. Make sure to climatize your Terrazzo and worksite to above 72 degrees for 48 - 72 hours before installing your product. Terrazzo is flexible and resilient, so it is important to keep your product dry before installing to avoid additional re-drying times. After installation, we recommend applying a concrete densifier and 2 coats of a good quality concrete sealer such as Prosoco Polish Guard, as per manufactures instructions to make the surface impervious to liquids.

Resealing may be necessary if water or liquids no longer bead on Terrazzo surface as maintenance, every few years. Wipe up after spills or contact with acidic foods or liquids to minimize etching if it is an issue. Use only non-acidic products for cleaning your Terrazzo.

Vancouver Island Made

Unique by nature, natural stones that withstand the test of time. Come and visit our showroom and select your Vancouver Island Marble from our vast stone gallery.